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We are a total ICT solution company. Whether you are looking for Network Security & Anti virus solutions, Data communication solutions, enterprise wide software development solutions, network access solutions to the telecom industry or even island-wide onsite maintenance services you can count on us to deliver a state-of the art and cost effective solution

Ethernet Access

The transformation of Ethernet into a carrier-class access technology is occurring at a rapid pace. Customers are increasingly demanding the cost-effectiveness and flexibility that Ethernet affords. At the same time, they require the deterministic performance, reliability and management capabilities of traditional TDM and ATM services that they have come to rely upon. Recent industry consensus—codified in standards agreements—has made Ethernet carrier-class. As defined by the Metropolitan Ethernet Forum (MEF), Carrier Ethernet is characterized by:

  • Standardized services, including support for TDM traffic via pseudowires
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Quality of Service
  • Service Management

With these enhancements, Ethernet is becoming the access technology of choice. A direct fiber connection may be the ideal Ethernet access media, but many service providers need to leverage existing single or bonded copper links to reach their customers.

RAD’s extensive portfolio of Ethernet Access solutions includes intelligent Ethernet demarcation devices for terminating high-speed fiber links, Ethernet bridges for economically transporting Ethernet over PDH, bonded PDH or SHD/SONET, Ethernet over ATM, Ethernet over ADSL2+, SHDSL and VDSL, and Ethernet over wireless.
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Cellular Backhaul

Backhaul is one of the major contributors to the high costs of building out and running a mobile network – estimated to be about 25-30% of total operating expenses. New mobile broadband services are adding exponentially to the growth of backhaul traffic. It is critical that mobile carriers optimize their current networks while building – or sourcing from a third party transport provider – lower cost and more scalable cell-site and aggregation-site backhaul solutions.

RAD’s flexible cellular backhaul solutions offer a smooth migration path to evolving next generation applications while efficiently and economically supporting legacy services. Ranging from HSxPA data off-load to pseudowire transport of legacy radio traffic across metro Ethernet connections, RAD has an optimized backhaul solution for mobile backhaul network needs.
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Multiservice Access

The transformation of virtually all communications into digital, packetized format has brought great change to the networking industry. Even so, there remains an enormous installed base of all types of devices that use TDM, analog or low-speed data. Common examples include the key building blocks of traditional utilities and transportation networks as well as public safety TETRA installations —PDH/SDH/SONET transport , analog lines and control circuits to name a few.

The multiservice access platform product line from RAD is designed to support a variety of narrowband and broadband data rates, digital and analog voice services, and video surveillance for utilities, transportation networks, carriers, and service providers. These products include multiservice provisioning platforms (MSPP), compact add-drop multiplexers (ADM), digital cross connect, M13 multiplexers, access node multiplexers, and multiservice network termination units (NTU, CSU/DSU).

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Voice Communications Solutions

With the explosion in Internet and video traffic, it is easy to forget that real-time voice continues to account for a large share of global communications. Any efficiencies that can be applied to voice can significantly cut costs.
RAD is the industry leader in advanced voice optimization solutions. Our voice compression gateways use VoIP codecs to optimize traffic for voice trunking applications. Offshore call centers benefit from huge savings by using RAD's voice compression products, transporting large volumes of calls while avoiding international toll costs.
In cellular backhaul, RAD’s voice optimization solution can provide significant savings on the transport of GSM traffic by optimizing the A-bis and A-ter traffic streams.RAD also offers an end-to-end VoIP service provider offering for the delivery and management of VoIP services. The RAD VoIP System enables low-cost and low-risk entry into the VoIP market.

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Network Solutions for Utilities

Utilities present several unique challenges to any network designer. They typically must support a wide variety of communications applications such as analog control circuits, low-speed data, TDM circuits and LAN traffic. Network topologies can vary from daisy chain to star or ring designs. Additionally, utility networks must be highly reliable and resilient due to the critical nature of their business and the enhanced security environment in which they operate.


Provide reliable transmission of mission-critical Teleprotection data, omnibus voice and real-time video between power plant control centers and remote sites.
More information about Network Access Solutions for Power Stations

Oil and Gas

Enable connectivity to remote gas and oil platforms and distribution facilities. Support a wide variety of voice, data and video surveillance applications across links with limited and/or expensive bandwidth such as via satellite.
More information about Network Access Solutions for Oil and Gas


Provide reliable communications to distributed locations such as pumping stations, treatment plants and control rooms.
More information about Water Industry Communications Solutions


Enable add/drop communications in a daisy chain configuration across wide distances. Support voice, data and video surveillance applications with high reliability and resiliency.
More information about Network Solutions for Pipelines


Network Solutions for Transportation Systems

Communications are vital for the safe and efficient operation of transportation systems. Reliable transmission of voice, video surveillance, low-speed controller data, and high-speed LAN/WAN connectivity along the paths of the transportation network, hubs and to the control center is essential.


Provide reliable and efficient communications for a wide variety of communications types applications ranging from track signaling and control to train schedule display panels in stations. More information about Railway Communications Solutions


Enable efficient communications betweendigital message board along the lengths of highway systems with centralized control centers.
More information about Network Access Solutions for Motorways


Ensure highly reliable and resilient communications for all aspects of airline, airport and air traffic control operations.
More information about Network Access Solutions for Airports


Provide reliable and efficient ship to shore communications for applications including navigation data, voice, Ethernet, and GSM connectivity.
More information about Marine Communications Solutions


Connectivity Solutions for Education

From grade school through universities, educational institutions of all types are increasingly turning to technology to improve the learning experience. Communications has become central to school operations with applications such as video conferencing, IP telephony, surveillance systems, inter-institution high-speed networking and of course Internet access widespread. Yet, with budgets tight, educational institutions are very focused on cost-effective solutions with rapid ROI.

RAD Data Communications offers diverse access products to connect facilities within educational campus environments—or within school district regional areas. RAD’s versatile solutions work with fiber, copper or via wireless and support virtually any type of communications protocol or network topology, enabling the creation of an integrated communications network.


Network solutions for Government & Defense

Governmental organizations are in the midst of a major transformation. From national security imperatives to economic pressures, there is a strategic need for governments to be more responsive, to collaborate more effectively within and between agencies, and to make decisions in real time. The defense industries are also under pressure to do more with less, resulting in a strong focus on leveraging advanced technologies. Communications are central to these missions.


Provide enhanced communications services to enable governmental agencies to be more responsive to their constituencies and to better collaborate between agencies.
More information about Communications Solutions for Government

Defense & Public Safety

Implement leading-edge communications technologies to enable seamless integration among defense systems for maximum security and readiness.
More information about Defense & Public Safety Network Solutions


Communications Solutions for Broadcasting Industry

In today’s fast-paced world, the broadcasting industry is always “in on the action.” News travels at light-speed and broadcasters need to cover breaking stories in an instant. Their communications networks require the flexibility to be rapidly deployed in remote locations and work with feeds from numerous and varied sources.

RAD has a broad portfolio of solutions well suited to the needs of broadcasters. These range from voice compression gateways, which are ideal for economically transmitting voice across limited and/or expensive satellite bandwidth, to multiservice access multiplexers, which are frequently employed to terminate the disparate types of communications used by broadcasters. Additionally, RAD’s solutions for Ethernet access and pseudowire transmission across Ethernet enable broadcasters to leverage this lower-cost, more flexible communications service.


Hardware Solutions

  • Computer Hardware & Accessories
  • Thin Clients

If you are considering using Windows Terminal Server, Microsoft terminal services, exploring thin client technology, or just looking for Windows terminals, thin client or legacy UNIX devices to add to or renew an existing infrastructure, then we have the right solutions for you.


Software Solutions

Expertise spanning customer verticals, horizontal application areas, and specific technologies complement our methodology and project management experience - making us a reliable partner to take up to large custom application development projects that address business situations. Our systems development services are based on Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro and Java fronts ends with Access SOL-7 & Oracle back ends. We focus our efforts on the following areas;

  • Turnkey solutions, OLTP and OLAP models for any Clients having  multi-user systems requirements with high data volumes.
  • Data Management and System integration services along with solutions at the industry standards.
  • Internet/Intranet systems with e-commerce B2B and B2C solutions.


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