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IT Services


Strategic IT Planning

There is no doubt that information has the potential to be the single most important resource for the production of wealth and furthering the well being of society. In this scenario Computerland stands ready to play its part as the provider of technology of the information era. We are ready to assist organizations develop a strategic plan geared to the specific needs of any industry. The plan would cover all aspects viz. a viz. hardware, software, and communication technologies together with integration of information systems. Whatever the IT requirement be sure Computerland has the solution.


Systems Integration/ Internetworking Solutions

We work with world renown networking companies to offer comprehensive end-to-end enterprise networking solution to the customers. From the branch office connectivity to WAN and campus backbone, from supplying network connectivity for your business to telephony solutions, from designing your very first network to implementing complex Intranets and Extranets, Computerland’s solutions can change the way you do business. Whether you are entering the world of Internet or beginning to cruise the Information superhighway, talk to us for the right solution.


IT Security & Governance

With an increased awareness of the threats from internal and external sources, addressing the issue of security has become a major concern and has clearly highlighted the need for business to approach security issues pragmatically. ComputerLand is the leading specialist in the network security field in Sri Lanka. Our service offerings include the following;

  • Vulnerability Assessment/ Penetration Testing/ Ethical Hack
  • Information Systems Audit
  • ISO 27001 Certification Consultancy
  • ISO 20000 Certification Consultancy
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • PCI/DSS (Credit Card Compliance) Consultancy
  • IT Sox Controls Testing


Virus Protection Services

Computerland's Internet Security team works with McAfee, USA to provide Internet Security and Management solutions to its clients.

We offer two families of products such as McAfee Systems Protection Solutions, and McAfee Network Protection Management. The McAfee Systems Protection Solution enables an organization to secure their desktops, server systems and applications. The McAfee Network Protection Solutions assure the availability of the Network infrastructure from remote and branch offices across the wide area network and into the network core or date center providing protection and performance of the corporate network.


Maintenance & Technical Support Services

Our goal is to provide multi-vender service and support countrywide with comprehensive maintenance cover for all your computers, peripherals, networks equipments, network operating systems and software applications. If you want your PC or the network to run a full 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no loss of man hours then enter into our maintenance support agreement and leave your worries with us.



Monitoring & Evaluation Services

Many innovative ideas and ambitious projects fail due to lack of proper monitoring and evaluation systems. Monitoring and evaluation are tools which help a project to know when plans are not working, and when circumstances have changed. They give management the information it needs to make decisions about the project, about changes that are necessary in strategy or plans.

We have extensive experience in carrying our M&E of many developmental projects in Sri Lanka. Whether you are involved in a world bank funded mega-project or a small developmental project, you can rely on our experienced consultants and tried & tested methodologies for a professional monitoring & evaluation of your project.


Consultancy Services

We provide business consultancy services in strategy, human resources, customer relationship, innovation and financial management.


Training Services

We offer focused, specialized skill development training  to start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs. If you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur or a manager of an SME, this training is specially designed for you.

While you are driven by a grand vision and  have the urge to be successful, you, at times find yourself to be lacking in skills that are essential to sustain  a business. The subjects & the topics to be covered and the delivery mechanism are chosen with  you in mind.

Our approach is based on the androgogical principles for training adults. In order to design a training programme and conduct it successfully and usefully to the target audience, it is important that one has a comprehensive understanding of the following;

  • The context in which the organizations exist & operate including  their  objectives, the  environment in which they operate, nature of their present & potential customers and the  nature of the competition that they encounter in the areas of operation.
  • The skills required by the owners to successfully run the businesses in relation to their academic, professional and cultural background. 

Our comprehensive training covers the following  topics;

  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Management
  • Content and Services
  • Marketing
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Internet Technology
  • Use of Local Language in Computing


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